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Your Catalyst for Growth and Wellness!

At Mindfuel, we’re dedicated to guiding you on your journey to personal development, resilienceand growth.

With our learning as you live initiative.

Our bespoke wellness and personal development space offers a range of tailored audio services, e-workbooks, and mindset products designed to support you through life’s highs and lows.  Our delivery is that of Youtube and Podcast,  ” A You-cast” as it’s all about YOU and how we can help YOU get what you want and TRANSFORM lives and  in turn your organisation!

About Our Founder Jacinta Clarke

Meet Jacinta Clarke, the visionary behind Mindfuel. With a strong, positive, and spiritual soul, Jacinta’s life mission is to empower as many people as possible to unlock their full potential and achieve their dreams, through as many platforms as possible, audio, journalling one to ones and group trainings and supports. (As we are complex, and retain information and communication via all these mediums, there for it makes sense to provide this to you, right!?) Jacinta’s personal journey of overcoming adversity, loss, grief, abuse, and mental health struggles has fuelled her passion for personal development and wellness. She brings a wealth of experience from various disciplines, including HR, training, economics, business, and holistic practices. Through Mindfuel, Jacinta is dedicated to helping you become greater than your problems, supporting you on your path to growth and transformation.

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The Science Behind Mindfuel

Brain in Control

Grounded in Science

Neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience, is a fundamental concept underlying our approach at Mindfuel. We recognise that the brain is constantly evolving, with the capacity to reorganise neural networks and strengthen existing cognitive capabilities. By leveraging neuroplasticity, we empower you to enhance your brain's flexibility, resilience, and capacity for growth, ultimately supporting your journey to personal development and wellness.

Our Brands

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Offering audio and digital products and courses for personal development and wellness for organisations and individuals.

Providing bespoke audio memorial products and services, using personalised audio to honour and remember your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, change is a gradual event, by applying these practices regularly, this will promote a more possitive and better quality of life. Mindfuel, does not in any way act as a medical professional, and if further help is required please see your G.P. or request assistance and we will gladly refer you to a licensed therapist

It depends in which programme you choose and what it is in particular you are looking to seek change in. 30 days is standard for learning and new practice, a further 30 will develop and new habit, and a further 30 will develop and new set of beliefs, when practiced daily in a healthy and balanced way. (Mindfuel, does not in any way act as a medical professional, and if further help is required please see your G.P. or request assistance and we will gladly refer you to a licensed therapist)

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