The Inside Job – Corporate Audio, e-solutions & Hybrid Workshop packages

  • Delivering the experiences colleagues need and engaging with them daily, in both the home and workspace, for better health and well-being outcomes, improving every aspect of their lives, in the way we consume within our lives.
  • Mindfuels learning style is YouTube meets podcast – its a YOUCAST! as its all about You! and how we can help you with our e-toolkits to get what you want!
  • Let “Mindfuel “ help you further enhance your companys’ success, with our range of Audio & e-journal, & Hybrid,employee health and wellbeing  e-solutions.

🚀 What’s Inside:

Choose from our bespoke, and ready made packages designed for lifes’ vast areas of supports, from go- getting to resetting,

There are an array of packages, to aid you continue your support of your organisation, via its key players (those inside your organisation)

 From booking ready-  audio & workbook/journal e-solutions, to Hybrid models, combining, audio, video,workshops and live follow up supports, free  overhead -headphones, custom branding.

Supporting you, support yours!

🏆 Why the Inside Job

Because that is exactly what this is!- change comes from within. We do not really need research to tell us the determining factor of, sick leave, stress leave, mat leave, lack of motivation and the constant work- life balancing act, as most of us are living it! – The juggle is real!

        Workplace absence 

However there are statistics to back it and they do show, 80 % of mothers consider not returning to work after birth,

( Healthy workplace Ireland Report)

32% of Irish employers have a health and well-being lead at board level; 23% have a mental health plan;

            10% have employee mental health champions.
Irish employers are less likely to provide these supports than their English counterparts.

Sickness absence is a considerable challenge for Irish employers, with 64 per cent of employers
stating that absenteeism – physical and mental health related – adversely impacts business

Mental health-related sickness absence is a growing challenge for Irish employers, as more than half
of employers report that the proportion of absenteeism due to mental ill-health has increased in the
last 12 months.

80 per cent of employers do not have a dedicated budget for mental health and well-being. This
suggests a disparity in employers’ recognition of their responsibilities to and investment in workplace
mental health and well-being.

It also suggests that employers are more likely to implement mental health and well-being initiatives that do not involve a financial outlay.

Employers in the business and non-business services sector are more likely to have a mental health
budget (29 per cent) compared to employers in wholesale/retail (11 per cent) and construction (12
per cent). From a regional perspective, employers in Dublin are most likely to have a mental health budget.

At present, 18 per cent of firms experience employee absenteeism due to mental health reasons.
This figure increases as firm size increases. For firms with 50+ employees, 40 per cent report mental
(Healthy workplace Ireland Report)

        Seeking the change

The growth rate in personal development self help, stress management anxiety workshop and e learning demand has a net worth of over 500 billion and growing.

So why not be the champion growth leader and give yourselves and your organisation the measured support they need ( Support!).  Most deemed issues in the workplace are usually centred around, the self- work life balance, recognition and a sense of being valued.  This is what Mindfuels’ mission is, to provide the self empowerment, encouragement and support, whilst you sit back and explore the enhanced culture and quality of your organisation, making getting more of the results you want, with ease.

We want to take one more ( but large task), off your already full to – do list).

We know you value your crew and this is what people need and want to feel that value.

Let us, support you in championing your growth leadership and get your deliverables met, with ease!

                                                        Our corporate packages provide a three Tiered e- wellness soulution! ( yes, that is spelled correctly!!) ,

to provide the options to  cater to you and your needs.!



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