And Breathe- e-programme- Guided Meditation+practical e-workbook+audio excerpts


Rediscover the joy of calm and serenity with “And Breathe” – your companion on the path to tranquility. Your zen journey begins now!

e workbook + read along Audio excerpts to support your journey!


🌬️Take a Breath, Take a Break!

In the hustle of life, when everything feels too much, Mindfuel introduces “And Breathe” – your go-to life hack for those moments when life cracks. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this practical e-workbook designed to guide you through the twists and turns of life.

💆‍♀️ Calming Features: 

  • Guided Meditation: Find your centre and with soothing guided meditation sessions.
  • Practical E-Book: A prompted and informative Ebook which helps you, gain awareness, manage and overcome your anxiety, through various practices and techniques such as, self- assessments, breathwork, reframing, scripting and counteracting, self -value and applying a positive mindset to move through these moments, with with ease, bounce back easier from them, with an end goal prevent them occurring altogether!
  • Guided Audio excerpts of the e-workbook, to help and encourage you along your journey. “We`ve got this! and uplift your spirits!

🎵 Feel the Change:

These sounds are like friends cheering you on to a happier you.

🎶 Hear the Calm:

Take a sneak peek into the serenity of “And Breathe” with our exclusive audio sample. Let the calming tones whisk you away to a peaceful place.


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