Yoda Best! – 30 day Mindset Mastery Programme


Your Daily Dose of Good Vibes!
Life on a loop? Good intentions at the start of the day and you some how find yourself off course by the end of the day? Ready for a change your life’s direction for the better? But don’t really now how?
Audio and prompted e journal bible!

Experience the Yodabest Package, a 30-day  Mindset mastery  programme, featuring wellness e-journal, a food tracker, inspirational quotes, and a guided reflection and planning section, complemented by 3 daily audio= 1 bonus motivational audio, inspirations for a holistic well-being journey.

🌟 What You Get:

Explore e-workbooks and e-journals with cool cover images,

Prepopulated question, prompts and encouragement, supporting you, from the heart, for your wellness journey.

Yodabest package

30 day  pre- populated e-journal ( you don’t have to get confused wondering what questions to ask, just answer them ( we got you!)

Food  tracker.

Detailed Goal achievement steps

Thought provoking journal entry prompts,

Inspirational and motivational quotes as you go

Free write space

Mindful and practical prompted guide to reflect and turn your plans into actions, in order to get you were you want to go! and who you want to be!

Plus three daily audios to aid you keep your focus and re-direct your sail when the winds change!
Rise and Smile: Kickstart your mornings with a positive audio snippet to inspire a joyful day.
Good Afternoon: Feel a midday pick-me-up with this positive audio snippet.
Night Shout Before Lights Out: Wind down, reframe with a calming audio experience for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Sample Audio Snippets:

“New Sample Rise and Smile”: Start your day positively!

“Sample-Good afternoon!”-  Keep, or Get back on track throughout the day, for a happier you!

“Sample -Night Shout before Lights Out”: Wind down with a relaxing audio snippet.

🎉 Standalone Yodabest:

Explore Now – Dive into Yodabest as a standalone product! It’s like a little wellness buddy just for you.

🚀 Your Daily Companion:

Enjoy: Your one-of-a-kind motivational YodaBuddy


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